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Buddha is recognised as an Avatar of Vishnu , a fact he never denied. He also borrowed heavily the Hindu concepts and one can conclude he was part of the Hindu pantheon.
The Tower of Silence is the place where the Parsi ( followers of Zoroaster) leave their dead to be eaten by vultures. Now it is observed that there is a shortage of vultures and the community is alarmed.
Karna was killed by a ruse in the battle of Kurukshetra as related in the Mahabharta. The killing evokes strong emotions and one wonders what was the motive of Lord Krishna
This is one of the great loves of mythology and reading about it even now thrills young and old
Guru Gobind Singh is one of the greatest figures in Indian history. He launched the Khalsa by a baptism in 1699 to fight the bigoted Muslim rulers. He succeded and and is reverred by both Hindu and Sikh people.
Hindu scriptures forecast arrival of Muhammad 2500 years before he came. This is something rare and showcases the beauty of Hindu thought
Hinduism is a very old religion and over teh centuries tales of demons have emerged.
The Aghori are a Vaisnavite sect of Hinduism. they are worshipers of fierce manifestation of Shiva, the Kaal Bhairov. They believe that Tantra sex gives them ESP and other powers
Two horses were gifted to guru Hargovind, but were detained by the Mughal governor at Lahore. The horses were spirited away by Bidhi Chand and presented back to the great Guru
Lord Krishna is a source of great wisdom. Here by a simple example he shows the path to become a karamyogi.
Acharya Rajneesh deserves his place as one of the great philosophers who came from India. hE PREACHED ABOUT CONQUERING THE INNER SELF AND GETTING CLOSER TO MOKSHA OR SALVATION. . However he cchose to einterpret the Hindu theory of Tantra and many did not understand him, but millions c...
Hinduism and Sikhism have strange rituals and it is thought that these rituals and mantras bestow unique powers.
The battle between Arjuna and karna is considered a classic battle between good and eveil, but there are no demarcating lines.
Preparing and distributing the Karha Parshad or sacred pudding is an important ritual in Sikhism and its importance cannot be understated.
Dera Baba Nanak is hallowed by 2 gurudwara there. One gurudwara has special significance as it houses the Chola (cloak) worn by Guru Nanak. This place is known as gurudwara Chola Sahib and is looked after by the Bedi family who claim direct descent from the guru Himself
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