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Here are five different things that my grandmother used to make for me when I was young. The measurements are in imperial as that is what I remember and mostly have always used. There was no gas oven then so had to be done on griddle, or in metal oven built into the side of living r...
A short history of the chicken and a delicious chicken and leek recipe
A really delicious loaf with the twist of adding cherries.
A short history of beef cattle and a recipe for steak and kidney pie.
A history of the pig and a recipe for a delicious pork hock.
How to make easy and delicious nibbles for your party, or for your buffet.
We all love a good pudding and with the winter coming in we need something to keep us warm at nights. The perfect pudding for that? Apple Crumble! So we will show you how to make the perfect Apple Crumble.
How to make Scottish Sausage meat from Pork and beef, breadcrumbs and spices.
A recipe of a famous welsh bread which has come from my homeland and was baked my grandmother once a week.
A traditional beef & onion pie with a twist, adapted from a French cookbook.
Learn how to eat healthily, especially if you need to lose a few pounds. Here is a stew recipe that is great if you are dieting.
Fish on Friday has a long tradition. Here is a quick and easy to prepare cottage-style pie, a Good Friday tradition that can be enjoyed at any time.
Stove top rice pudding, a quick, anytime dessert made from simple ingredients and more cheaply andwith more versatility than the tinned version.
Haggis is Scotland’s national dish, immortalized by Robert Burns, but what is it and how do you prepare it?
A reduced cholesterol version of haggis made with ground turkey and chicken livers or giblets.
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