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According to research by McGill University physics professor Shaun Lovejoy, the temporary halt in global warming trends is indicative of natural fluctuations in temperature.
The impact of manmade structures and a wide variety of combustion sources on city temperatures creates heat island zones. Cities have become hotspots for higher temperatures in a way that affects neighboring areas lying as far as thousands of miles.
Weather forecasts are issued for the good of the general public They must be heeded to forestall waste in human and material resources.
The World is a big place with different climates and opposing seasons, but sites like Wikinut allows us to be anywhere at any time
Monsoon is the wind that changes direction with the direction of seasons. The monsoon prevails mainly in the Indian Ocean. The summer monsoon blows from ocean to land. The winter monsoon blows from land to ocean. The summer monsoon causes heavy rainfall in Southeast Asia. It is called...
Assam is peerless in terms of her exquisite natural beauty, cultural richness and human wealth.
Experiencing beautiful moments one moonlit night.
What a wet winter it was, but not so cold in England. Is Spring arriving, or should we keep our woolies on? Can the weather man really know? Read on to find out more
What are you wearing this winter? Chances are it is not white, it is likely to be black and heavy because convention tells us that is what we should wear to tackle a cold hard winter. However should you be wearing white? One scientific study suggests we should.
How do you deal with the cold? This winter has been a long and hard one, yet if your ancestors hail from northern climates then you should be able to deal with the weather better than people from more tropical climates. My son has both genes within his blood, maybe this is good news, ...
We set off on our motorcycles high spirits, each carrying a basket we took the main road. The green fields of paddy and other crops, waving in the breeze, stretched far away on either side. Some farmers were seen cutting crops and binding them into sheaves.
Having seen on the news the devastation caused by the Typhoon, I feel I must write about it. People have died, and are homeless, they have no food or water, and they need the help of the whole world. Read on to find out more about it.
A writer should never assume anything when writing for a general readership. I like to think that I always keep that truism foremost in mind when I write articles that will appear in a nonprofessional publication, but I slip up on occasion. I recently wrote an article on winter campin...
Today 24th October 2013 was such a beautiful one, it has inspired me to write about it. Read on to find out more
What You Can Do During Rainy Days? Sometimes rain can disrupt or halt our activities especially when the rain occurred in daylight where we usually have so many activities to do. Find out things you can do during rainy days.
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