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The old story goes that "the old devil named Fear" said that he would take 5,000 people for sure, but instead about 100,000 people died and fear said "I took 5,000 people for sure, but perception took the rest." In reality, fear is simply a perception, so is courage. In life we must s...
Any woman can find her situation, she worried about her safety. We feel that every woman has the right to her own sense of security in the environment. We offer these suggestions on how to stay safe, and how to survive if attacked.
In any situation, remember, there is nothing to be but calm and business like as a pincer is, because the worst has already happened if it has happened and it must be dealt with without panic and dealt with right.
An examination of the history of Survivalism in the U.S. from the beginning to current days.
Being a prepper is really a matter of personal perspective.
Self-defense is an important survival mechanism. The ability to defend oneself and your love ones is essential. Men do have a clear advantage when it comes to physical force and strength. Because they have naturally bigger muscle mass; they are faster, stronger and more agile compared...
We need to guide about civil defence training of our child because today is not save. We must teach the some cases of the defence training. And create your goal.
The kamikaze attacks were a Japanese invention, but could be used by Muslim terror groups like al Qaeda
Here you can find all you need to survive in a terrorist attack.
Yoga and crime are words that are never used together in the same sentence, and this is one reason that I have combined them in this article. thinking of a stereotypical criminal, as someone who does Yoga just doesn't enter one's mind...
Home security has gained in importance in the 21st century with house breaks and robberies on the upswing.
The basic fundamentals you need to get an airplane safely on the ground.
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