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Who has not heard of Chanel perfume № 5? It was the most famous around the world so that the fragrance sales broke all records. However, some experts claim that this wonderful fragrance suitable for women only seasoned campaigners.
Here are some brands of perfumes that can be suitable for young girls or adolescents.
When nature helps happiness . A rose does not need to preach.They merely spread their scent: Mahatma Gandhi
Many people after reading this article, are more willing to use every day Perfume!
For men, wearing perfume is one of the main needs of the supporting performances. Men are not adventurous about appearance. Originally physically neatly coupled with scented body is enough to make confident.
The ancient Greeks learned aromatherapy from the middle East and Asia. With them, medicine became the subject of of more serious and scientific study and Hippocrates, the celebrated father of medicine, advocate specially scented baths and massages as treatments for certain diseases.
Here are the seven basic types of perfumes and how they influence our mood.
Rose water have several uses in beauty care of skin,face,eyes, body,hairs etc etc.
Perfumes always smell good and worn on the right occasion can be very uplifiting.But choosing the right perfume is sometimes a problem for many people.Here a re a few suggestions to help you make the right choices.
After years of using over-the-counter antiperspirant and deodorant, my underarms were in a very bad condition. Now I make my own natural antiperspirant deodorant and my underarm skin is improving continuously.
If massage is an art form, the massage oil is the medium.
Lavender scented water as it was called in the olden days brings back fond memories for me. In memory of my grandmother this is a recipe to make your own lavender oil.
Everybody has their own popularity and beauty. To maintain the beauty, people mainly girls use cosmetic products and perfume,scent also fall in it. Beauty should be natural but not artificial and those who look beautiful using such products can't be considered their beauty because bea...
The best perfume for men; birthdays, valentines day or father's day? Guy's you know what makes you radiate confidence, ladies if you want to please you man just think of the quintessentially masculine smell that will bring you to your knees if you get a whiff of your man.
A short walk through the history of perfumes and how to make your own with organic essential oils.
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