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Hiring a private investigator is a big decision. Make sure you find the right individual by following these handy tips.
Become less vulnerable to a physical attack and save your life with easy self defense techniques.
Iaido sword fight martial art is gaining popularity in Japan and other parts of the world. It is said that Kalarippayattu (sword fighting art) of South India was the mother of this art. History can bring out facts and unite the world through exchange of culture.
The Gatka is an old martial art of the Sikhs. It is lying dormant and needs to be revived.
This article was written to explain the essence of a balanced Kung Fu Lifestyle giving examples of how to achieve that balance and harmony.
This is an article on my combat system that I call Aggression Control Tactics.
The world is like the Pandora’s Box: full of hideous beasts and uncountable sins. As inhabitants of this world, we all know how dangerous it is; mountainous death tolls, gruesome crimes, plunder, precious lives cut short in an instant. This is, of course, inevitable, for as we prog...
The current concepts of women's self-defense seem to have one thing in common: They WILL get a woman badly hurt as we get instructions on how to defend ourselves that serious aggressors are aware of and can easily handle. As a short article cannot train anybody in self-defense, maybe ...
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