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Best case scenario: prevent a fire from happening in the first place! But if a fire does break out, be prepared to take action, rather than sticking your head in the sand. Fires can break out for a number of reasons, we are surrounded by potential fire hazards such as electrical wiri...
Fire brigades are essential in combating fire in the modern society , if fire is caught in the go downs of inflammable articles or in the multi storied building. It causes havoc panic to the lives of the building and the adjo...
Safety precautions in our building in case of fire, I feel need to be improved. I don't think the landlord has a solid plan.
Question: Why should I pay for a Fire Safety Risk Assessment by a qualified Risk Assessor when I or one of my team can do it? Answer: Read the case study below and you may change your mind!!!!
A simple though admittedly expensive suggestion to reduce fire fatalities.
A few guidelines to ensure the safety of families going to crowded places such as the movie theaters, malls and some public assembly areas.
"A very important guidelines to ensure your protection from unexpected fire. This may be just an ordinary message from an ordinary fireman, but when given the proper attention, this will be ordinary no more for this may save your life and you precious family too."
To many, the arrival of 2014 signals a fresh beginning and a clean slate. Perhaps you aim to start a rigorous exercise regime and lose that ten extra pounds you’ve piled on over Christmas, or maybe you’re shunting alcohol to give your liver a break after the indulgent holiday seas...
How to shoot a fire scene. And how not to shoot a fire scene. Always remember that a fire has a direct influence on everything it comes into contact with, and that includes the surrounding environment for a pro-rata ratio of how big the fire is.
A woman's life in New York was saved by providence. Alone in the bathroom in the 2nd story portion of her house, she was unaware of the fire that has started, smoked and now raging in the house down below. Find out how she was able to escape death from the Grim Reaper.
If fire breaks out,stay low to the floor to avoid consuming...
This article is about the various uses of green strobe lights and where potential volunteer fire fighters can get them from. It also covers tips on what to look for when shopping.
This page will inform you on the different types of lighter out there and how they would function in different emergency situations.
Arc flash could be a really serious danger to your safety and even the safety of people who are around you.
The month of fire prevention has gone. Although it is understood that fire prevention should not only be observed during October but through out the whole year round that is if you still love your life, your love ones and your properties.
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