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Returning home after a lengthy time away, I spied a spider spinning its web on my porch. “Hey, Hon, look at this very large spider and tell me whether I should stay out of its way.” “No,” he said, “unless it’s as big as a small animal, in which case it’s a Goliath Bir...
The red admiral (Vanessa atalanta) is an easily-recognised garden butterfly that can be seen in flight in Great Britain between May and October. It is similar in appearance (but not identical) to the Indian red admiral (Vanessa indica).
The insects and bugs seem to thrive almost anywhere. Their hierarchical place in the ecosystem does not seem to vary much. Occasionally, these insects do stray into the house and find themselves in a strange environment.
Pollination required for the fruit production, vegetable and seed yields. Some plants are self pollinated. Some other plants usually pollinated by air. To transfer the pollen, many plants only depend insects.
I remember watching with fascination as a ladybird crawled about my hand as a child. Its tiny little dome shaped body and six little legs was stunning to me then as it still is today.
The practical steps that must be done to eradicate the wasps and get rid of a wasp nest from your house.
Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures you can see during the summer. Let's look at how you can get more butterflies to visit your backyard.
It's about the blooms poloinized so we have get fruit and flowers. Bee's are one of the most necessary insects we have, with out them there wouled be no fruit or flowers.
Walk slowly and tread lightly on God's wonderous earth There are creatures here, they need their well-earned space Let us grant them their lives and appreciate their worth Safe to thrive and live with us, they all deserve their place.
Ants Pests, one of the worst I can think of is ants, there are over 12000 species of ants in the world. That is an amazing number of different kinds of the same animal.
Where butterflies abound, there is diverse plant species all around. Butterflies are tiny creatures yet beautiful as they are colorful and they roam in the atmosphere with the rapid movements of their wings. To care for them is to experience with them and that’s one way of enrichi...
A biologist at the University of Arizona has discovered an entire colony of ants that is devoid of males.
These butterflies have boldly patterned wings with dark lace-work. These wings are designed not only to confuse predators but to attracted a mate.
BLue morpho is an unique butterfly. The blue color of their wings are not pigmentation but iridescent.
They are the deadly attraction. But they are eye-catching butterfly.
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