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Surfing is usually done early in the morning or the afternoon and evening. But on the Keramas beach in Bali this, you can surf at night.
Last week I spent some time in East Anglia in a country village named Westhorpe. Today I am inviting you to accompany me on a country walk, and I will point out the local landmarks. Read on to find out more.
From a fishing perspective, the easiest of the necessities to bring along with you, which can make or break your trip, is your lures. It would be best to simplify your choices into two categories of off-shore fishing tackle
A lot of employees are made to work in the snow and it's fine if they are heated with tea and coffee.
Article with tips on hwo to construct durable and safe shelter while camping.
If you're long trail runner and searching for best hydration pack that suit you needs, then you should have a quick glance of what recommended below. A runner should look for something easy to carry, lightweight and handy access of water during their outdoor activities. Minimum capa...
The beautiful simplicity of camping and what lessons it has taught me.
At seventy years young, I still love winter activities like snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, and hunting and so on. My doctors tell me that I’m in excellent health, but they also tell me that at my age I have to be more careful of things like hypothermia. Hypothermia is a...
Taughannock Falls State Park in Upstate New York features roaring water falls, a lovely lake and great hiking trails. No wonder so many people visit every year.
Skiing holidays can be fun if you pack well and plan well. Here we take a look at some popular destinations worldwide. One has to check with the resort for the complete list of facilities available.
A sailing adventure set on the South-East coast of England.
This is a story of how our family hobbies lead to bonding time
Camping is one of the most liberating experiences that I can think of. I love to leave behind the modern world and escape into a peaceful oasis. This is why I love camping so much.
A liitle knowledge goes a long way to ensure a fun time.
There is a place I used to go, to contemplate upon the nature of the land. A place that has two log cabins, hidden bridges and trails that can lead you into the heart of the wooded hills above the nature walks they have available. Almost a fairy tale land where wild animals will actua...
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