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The camping site should not be littered with food particles at any one time, because this will attract the grizzly bears.
India has large herds of elephants that roam the jungles. Sometime an elephant does turn a rogue an dhe needs to be tamed. Killing is not an option now a days.
A man eater is a menace to Indian villagers and shooting it is essential
Don't you wish you knew what the sky held in store for the next day?Here's how
10 most essential things you should have in your bag when travelling.
This weekend it snowed all across Britain, not, perhaps, such a surprising occurrence in Northern Europe during winter, but it seemed to catch almost everyone by surprise. Across the country temperatures struggled to get past the -5C mark and in parts of Shropshire and Worcestershire ...
Today’s children are tomorrow’s destiny-deciders. They have to be brought up carefully. Education should help their complete growth of personality.
You need to learn how to live in a dangerous place, with dangerous people that may want to kill you for fun, ego boost, money and even peer approval. Learn how to uncover them and destroy them if you have to.
Are you thinking about living in your car? Are you wondering how you would do it? Here are some helpful tips from my own personal experience.
Yes, there are good reasons for living in your car and many benefits that can change your life for the better. However, the cons of living in your car can carry some personal and emotional hardships, which can be difficult to deal with.
A tropical storm with sustained winds of 74 miles per hour or higher is considered a hurricane. A tropical storm is another name for a hurricane. In other parts of the world this storm is called a cyclone or a typhoon. No matter what part of the world or country you live this ocean st...
The subject today is concerning forest fires or sometimes called woods fires. Forest fires destroy acres of land, property and lives. Forest fires can be started by lightning strikes to trees, by people, and plane crashes or other transportation that travels through or around the coun...
How to make a scout shelter out of all natural materials from only sources in nature.
Access to food, shelter, warmth and companionship are basic human needs. Since time began, people have used their own hands to fulfill these needs giving them skills, confidence and self-reliance, yet it seems very difficult in today's highly regulated and bureauratic society to actua...
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