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As hunters confess blunders less eagerly than they recount kills, it’s hard to know how many elk would fall if hunters made no mistakes. Perhaps the elk keep track.
Survival skills are essential whether you live in the wilderness or the city.
I recently traveled to the state of Texas to go hog hunting. Texas is widely known to be the best state for hunting wild hogs. This is my experience.
To learn self-defense is about not picking street fights, imitating those shaolin kung fu fighters in belts, but, brandishing your skills or intimidating with your black belts but it’s about learning to survive against odds, learning self-discipline, focus, and self respect and bei...
Is the heat of the summer getting to you? It's too hot for me as well, but here are some ideas for finding ways to cool off and keep the temperatures down.
A lot of employees are made to work in the snow and it's fine if they are heated with tea and coffee.
At seventy years young, I still love winter activities like snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, and hunting and so on. My doctors tell me that I’m in excellent health, but they also tell me that at my age I have to be more careful of things like hypothermia. Hypothermia is a...
Every had pine needle tea? How about sassafras? Though we're familiar with picking the fruit from the branches, there are other ways to enjoy culinary delights of common and not so common trees.
This page is the next update of my first post [link=page::3l5b_8at][/link] and this section includes various methods on how to start a fire.
All you need to survive in the wild with basic tools. And also find some really simple techniques.
How can you survive if stuck in the wild with nothing but a pen, pencils, a sharpener, a notebook and an eraser? Read on for some simple suggestions.
If you are looking forward to exploring the wilderness, then you need to be prepared so that you enjoy yourself without being stranded in the middle of nowhere
The ability to start a fire in all conditions is an essential survival skill.
It is important that you know what the laws are before you apply for a CHL in Austin TX. The police know what the laws are and they will enforce them if you do not comply with them.
Survival at the sea can be a long grueling experience that will require one to have courage and hope if they want to make it to land safely and live on much longer in life.
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