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Each year the Hard Rock Cafe sponsors Hard Rock Calling; one year Buffalo earned top billing when a local band won the prize.
History of one of the country's most well known disc jockeys. His life and and history.
Music is great gift of God for human being, Music have not any language. All of us likes music. You may be listen, saw or play music instruments. It is interested to know about native place of some music instruments. Have it.
A profile of the leading music database Songfacts.
Some personal thoughts and facts about "The Day the Music Died".
An exploration of the renaissance no one seems to have noticed.
The dance of Bharatanatyam. The dancer interprets both. Its recital concludes with Tillana, also a pure dance number.
Kathakali fro, Kerala is classical dance drama. Unlike the others, it is dramatic rather than narrative in character.
The origin of the Rasa dances in attributed to the vision of a king. Be that as it may, five different types of ballets, with a well -conceived structuring of Corps de ballet, solo pas de deux revolving round the theme of Radha -Krishna and the Gopis (milkmaids) comprise the large par...
Mohiniattam is mainly a lasya dance performed strictly according to the rule laid down in the Natya Sashtra.
Some of the greatest rock and metal songs aren't even remembered by the lyrics or the beat, but by the mastermind behind the guitar streamlining a challenging guitar riff that has in many cases put a song on the charts. Memorable guitar riffs have staying power and are one of those sp...
Fifty years ago, on February 9, 1964, four young men performed on a television program. Rarely has one show had such seismic cultural importance.
heres my tips about how avoid frustration playing music
I have put together some interesting and maybe unknown facts about the Beatles lyrics
Song: An unique partner in the reflection, presevation and celebration of our experiences.
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