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I got my first Peruvian guinea pig and I had some to learn about this breed and I wanted to pass along the knowledge that I have gained. I mention long hair guinea pigs as well.
A hamster is a tiny, but adorable rodent. I bought myself a hamster, Marty, recently . I bought him on September 25, 2015 . You will adore a hamster if you are thinking of getting one . You know how great they are if you own one,.
Have you ever considered adopting a Guinea Pig as a pet? Well, if you haven’t, now’s the perfect time to consider adopting one because March is Adopt a Guinea Pig month. I haven’t had Guinea Pigs for more than half a century, but I raised them as pets when I was just knee-high t...
The right diet for your hamster is the most important thing to care about. Hamsters can easily get sick due to a wrong diet, they are very likely to suffer from diarrhea when not fed correctly.
We all loved animals at home. But there are some animals that we do not want to be part of our family. Lets see some of them.
An overview of wet tail in hamsters and how to prevent it.
An overview on the most common diseases found in pet rats.
Overview of the signs and treatment available for canine distemper in ferrets
Care tips for keeping guinea-pigs happy and healthy.
An overview on how to choose the perfect hamster cage
Whether you're thinking about getting a ferret, or if you own one (or more) and need some advice, this interview with a ferret enthusiast and owner offers a wealth of information on some of nature's most fun, fascinating, and frenzied creatures!
An outdoor ferret court is a great place for your pet to play
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