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Know about Medieval Music particularly the Gregorian Chant.
In the first of a number of 'Top 5's' I explore the Indie scene of the 1990s and pick out my favourite tracks that epitomises this genre.
he roaring twenties gave us the kind of musician rendition that is consider today as old fashion "jazz" it can only be found by enthusiastic minorities, those who love to hear great talents
While hundreds of songs have been written to celebrate the Halloween season--from the silly to the down right creepy--there is a small handful that go beyond the merely frightening to achieve the chilling. Songs that evoke such a sense of darkness that they belong in a group all thei...
Read this article and the next time someone says it is all noise anyway you can impress them with some new knowledge of what makes Hard Rock - hard and Heavy Metal - heavy.
This article lists and explains my top 3 favorite genres of music, and my favorite musical artists. People who are looking for new music should check out article.
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