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If you want to know What is zero gravity means on a bed then you have come to the place of learning.
Whether you're considering running your first half marathon or would like to hone your skills for another one, follow this guide to pre-race preparation.
The UCL injury in baseball. It's causes and how to avoid this career ending injury.
Based on facts and statistics, seasoned practitioners in the field of sports possessed a third eye as to who of a match will emerge victorious as in the case of boxing. Let's hear a martial arts grandmaster predicts.
My college athletic years of competing in Cross Country and running marathons.
Get important information on where to get the best deals when shopping for workout apparel.
The rich think they can buy it for money, the poor in their struggle for existence, have neither time nor means for it. The indolent are too inactive and hate exertion. The learned persons are uninterested about it, the rest are blissfully ignorant.
Electric Bicycles or E-Bikes are best for eco-friendly commuting, sports, fitness activities, and other outdoor adventures.
With Ohm Electric Bikes, one can expect a power ride with its top-of-the-line features. Dubbed as the "the Porsches of electric bikes”, it is one of the leading electric bike manufacturer in the US and Europe markets today.
As summer approaches, this page is dedicated to swimming pools and their varieties.
This page explains how a novice runner can safely and successfully train to run in a half marathon. The half marathon distance is 13.1 miles, or 22 km, which will seem like a long way at the start of training, but with the proper approach it is entirely possible.
Riding a bicycle is not what it used to be. Once a simple mode of short-distance transportation, it has become a 'sport' populated by people in skin-tight plastic suits who care not a whit about anyone else.
Cycling doesn't have to involve long, gruelling miles of slog. This is an account of my cycling when I don't have a lot of time.
Here are some reminders and facts one should keep in mind when you choose to make running as an exercise regimen.
For everyone near Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and Robinsons Metro East, along Marcos Hi-way, there is a good gym nearby. Visit Maic's Gym. See you there!
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