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Hunting is not always danger for the environment. Sometimes it maintains the ecological balance. Sometimes environment can be also helped by hunting. This is the main topic of this article.
We all have problems, but, it depends on what we do with them. Do we let them overtake us, or do we work to solve them? It is all up to us.
Everything is life can be seen in one of two ways; there's the man-made perspective, this is how we come to perceive everything in life the way in which we do due to general &/or popular opinion within our society (from something physical such as how a table is used to display objects...
In Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich", there was a tale about an "ignorant", "uneducated" man who made a fortune like Henry Ford in the hospitality and hotel business. Genuine ignorance and uneducated thinking is not to see the opportunities in front of you and under your feet...
There is a Legend among people of great spirituality that we are giving many spiritual names throughout one lifetime. Some of these names are known to all and some are only known to the person that was giving them. Here is the legend of spiritual names.
Did you ever think about what it means to live a mindful life? You don't have to be a Buddhist to attempt it. It sounds like a good way to live.
This is just a story, written in the hope it may bring some understanding, not for judgement, but maybe just to take that one step closer to a knowing of something deeper within.
We see a lot of stuff being presented as fact these days because "a consensus of scientists thinks it is probably right." When we think of how many great advances have resulted from the work / thinking of people who did not have a university degree in a related subject, we understand ...
Barely breathing is a novel which is part of a trilogy called the breathing series. The novel is a thriller from this American author .
This is about what is unless it's not and what isn't unless it is.
Imagine you were a customer in a retail store and the sales person was rude to you and clearly having a bad day. Would it make any difference to you if the person was old or young, or if the reason they were having a bad day was one you could sympathize with?
Do you know what twin souls are? Do you know what soul mates are? Most people think they know what the word soul mate means. If, asked they do not know, the true meaning of the word soul mate. This article will explain.
Death affects everyone differently. This article is about three totally different people and their reaction to their mothers’ deaths.
A view on today's world & how everything is plunged into the realm of darkness
Soldiering is a profession that few appreciate, but people must know that soldiers are gods own troopers and what they do is for the good of the men left behind. Death is the great leveller.
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