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The continuation or second part tutorial painting in oil medium, design for beginners and intermediate learners.
A tutorial painting in oil medium, design for beginners and intermediate learners.
“Washington Crossing the Delaware” is often seen as an iconic American image. However, it was not painted by an American, nor was it painted in America. It is also far from an accurate depiction of the event in question, because that was not the artist’s intention.
Alternative painting ideas for starving artists or anyone looking for an alternative to canvas.
“Mr and Mrs Robert Andrews” is a much-loved painting by one of England’s most celebrated artists. But what is the story behind the painting and its creator?
Paul Cézanne painted the scene of Mont Saint-Victoire several times, as it was the view he saw from his home near Aix-en-Provence. The painting discussed here is the one on display at London’s Courtauld Gallery.
At the Moulin Rouge is a lively and dynamic portrayal of life at a famous Paris entertainment venue in the 1890s. The artist was one of the colourful figures that added to its fame.
“Rain, Steam and Speed” is one of JMW Turner’s best-known works. It marks him out as one of the greatest painters of all time.
Claude Monet's "Antibes" is a particularly impressive example of the artist's ability to convey mood with a limited colour palette.
Tanjore paintings on wood were commissioned by patrons whose wealth decided the quality of art work on gold leaf or gems. The artists were Kshatriyas of the Raju community, for whom art was a ritual expression rather than a creative one. In fact, paintings followed prescribed themes a...
You are, however, extremely attentive to details, and you want to put on the finishing touches before declaring to your agent that you’re glad to have the unit occupied. So what else can you possibly add? If you want something that will bring life to the bare walls, you can look int...
This is a poem about how, as a child the effort to see what others saw led my sister Donna on a journey to become a the artist she is today.
ACEO cards, or "Art Cards, Editions and Originals" are small works of art the same size as a sports trading card, 3.5" by 2.5". Surprisingly, these miniature works of art can sell on the internet more easily than a full size painting. Here are a few tips for even the most modestly art...
The painting is said to be "the most famous images" of Jane Austen has been sold at auction for £ 164,500 (Rp 3,2 billion).
Art work of Impressionist and modern masters worth U.S. $ 290 million sold at auction in New York with the work of Picasso, Monet and Giacometti sculpture to be the most expensive.
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