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Mary "Mollie" Derry told the locals their fortunes, removed hexes and curses while casting her own curses. It is believed that in Mollie's early days, the young wife and mother lived an enchanting life filled with magic that quickly made her become known as a witch to all who encounte...
Finding the perfect good luck charm falls onto the eyes of the beholder. The law of attraction, positive feelings, good vibes and the overwhelming feeling of self-fulfilling expectations from every situation and how you perceive it can all affect the outcome, good or bad.
The existence of guardian angels is a good question to be pondered while looking at some examples and facts. A valuable lesson may be learned here.
A look at demons, devils and possession. Looking at the comparison to mental illness and how to disern the differrences.
Since we were small children, we have heard of werewolf folklore, how they transform into hungry beasts on a full moon night and kill people at will. We have often wondered how these stories have come along or what is the truth behind them. This article will help you know what these w...
The words that come from our mouths are powerful beyond measure. Many years ago enjoyed a book It was an old book by the title: "Hung by the tongue" written by Francis P Martin at first the wording was a little difficult to grasp, but, when I had read it through, it became profoundly ...
When you let go of a situation,and ask God to take control...The wonders that happen,are beautiful.
If you think modernization has changed the ways people think, think again. Even with today’s fast technological advancement, there are still many people who would use extremely weird methods of capturing the heart of their love interest.
Is there really an Atlantis or is this just a mere legend?
A calm examination of the area known as the Bermuda Triangle
I decided to write this article to satisfy my love for anything paranormal. It's based around the disappearances of many figures through modern day history.
I started wondering about witches whilst viewing one of my kids favorite cartoons Snow White and the seven dwarfs. This is my contribution...
Are Ouija boards really evil? Or is it just a game?
A short article about the mysterious Ayers Rock of Australia.
The truth about the snake skinned children in Inia.
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