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To define Vaastu Shastra - Vaastu , which means physical environment and Shastra meaning knowledge or principles, is one of the traditional Hindu canons of town planning and architecture.Its current popularity stems from its focus on a wholesome approach to space and form...
Every one of us craves for owning a dreamy house at some point of time. But how easy it is to fulfill that dream, when buying property poses several possible hurdles along the way? Even though we are ready to invest huge amount on house or ready to go for loan, there are few things to...
Buying an Property is a significant milestone in our lives and is also a major financial and emotional decision.You want to get it Right.Whether you want to move out of your parents’ home for the first time, own a home after renting for years or buy a place with a spouse or partner,...
When choosing between building a new home and purchasing an existing one, we understand that you are often faced with some tough decisions.
My dreams and hopes of at least owining my own home have remained just dreams over 10 years, it seems they older I get, the further that possibilty is slipping away. I do not know if I should give up or continue to keep it on my bucket list.
This one is about buying, renovating and selling property for a profit, and some tips to help do that easily.
Finding the right property at the right price has been a challenge for home seekers and real estate developers. Reliable realtors will help you locate the best condos, lofts, town homes and other properties in an atmosphere that has a friendly neighbourhood. Whether you are a property...
This page will help the home buyers, especially first time home buyers. We have covered almost all the aspects one should look in to before finalising the property. It's a Checklist one should refer before finalising property investments. You can ask with your Queries at ......... di...
The real estate market is looking better, and many people are making the decision to purchase their first home. After your successful home search comes finalizing the mortgage loan and making the home your own.
A brief overview of how to reduce the stress of relocation - with many practical tips.
This article will guide you on how to check for homes that are available on the real estate market
There are some noticeable trends that can be useful to know before you buy a property in Chennai. The interest of the NRI investors has increased in 2013. There has been a rise in demand for real estate in the first quarter.
A few smart tips can help prevent the purchase of a "money pit".
Learn more about Property in USA: A dream for every individual
Home Buying Guide for Single Women giving five useful tips.
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