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Debunking the nonsense that religious or national dress codes are a form of patriarchal oppression.
I will tell you all about how I remember grunge and the fashion in the nineties era, and also about who it all started with - Nirvana There are many versions of this style, but there are still quite a few similarities.
There are some women who feel uncomfortable to wear a bra while sleeping, but other women do not like it for reasons of its own. Should you like to use bra while sleeping choosing the type of light, without wires or similar pajamas camisole with a bra that has been sewn in it.
The Indian Air Force is the 4th largest in the world. Its working uniforms have evolved over time for the present light blue and dark blue shade.
We all know what a Japanese Kimono is all about but did you know that not all Kimonos are meant for every occasion, check out the various styles and the colors.
Does your hair stylist know what style you want? Does she understand you, the style you want? Or Do you end up by having the worst hair-cut and going back to home? If so then this might help you to get the best one you want!
From the beginning should be stated that the word Orient from the title of this article, has no offensive intentions, or purpose, on the contrary, the author of this article has a reverential attitude regarding the input of Orient in all walks of life along the history, and ...
A brief trawl through the recent and brief history of male fashion. The rights and many wrongs.
A history of lingerie from the pre-B.C. era to present.
The most fashion fabric, has five centuries, but it does not show. Passed through many generations and a thousand transformations, has left its mark in the evolution of the costumes and style.
In Episode III of the Star Wars series, although the infamous Count Dooku and General Grievous were killed, the mastermind, Darth Sidious had managed to destroy the Jedi Council and had eliminated over three dozen Jedis because of Order 66. However, this trauma could've been avoided....
Throughout the series, Star Wars featured a variety of different walkers during the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil Wars. I have provided a list of these walkers with a picture and a brief description. *Pictures taken from Google Images (
A brief history of the European tradition of a white wedding
Throughout the seven series of the Star Wars saga (the Clone Wars included), the clone troopers were witnessed wearing different armors as the movie progressed. *Photos take from and*
This Article is all about the changing Fashion from Previous Tradition to Modern Tradition.
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