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This recipe is easy to make and delicious. The chorizo chili gives a different flavor to the ground beef.
This article should help anyone wishing to make a good paella and to know what items aren't to be added to it.
This how to make the Puerto Rican coconut dessert pudding Tembleque.
Today recipe is coming back from Puerto Rico. It is easy to make anywhere in the world and taste good too!!
Coquito a coconut drink that entertains the taste buds and soothes the soul!
This is a staple of Spanish cooking and taste. Easy tasty and keeps a long time.
What ever you want to call this dip, I'm sure your family will enjoy it. It can be used as a dip or added to a casserole and enhance the flavor of your dish.
If the chicken and fish dishes are your passion - offer you some recipes - full with the Spanish passion! Chicken soufflé (for children over 8 months) - make something delicious to your kid. Paella - here is a recipe how to make quickly the most famous Spanish dish. Chicken with or...
After a long, cold and wet winter, finally spring has arrived here in Spain with almost summer-like temperatures. Time for a cool, delicious and healthy aperitif.
Easy-peasy Paella for 4! Think Paella is a difficult dish to prepare? Think again. This recipe takes approx half hour including the prep time. Add extra veg to easily get your 5-day allocatin!! Enjoy.
Asparagus can be bought in supermarkets, one can get the white sort or the green sort. Here in Spain the green Asparagus grows abundantly from end of February to April and then again after the autumn rains in September. And here's a "typical" Spanish recipe - Asparagus Tortilla and it...
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