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If you’re a beginner bonsai gardener or want to learn about indoor bonsai then this article is perfect guide for you.
Bamboo is a common name for more than 40 genera and about 480 species of perennial, woody, usually shrubby or treelike plants of the grass family. They belong to the scientific family of Poaceae, (formerly Gramineae).
Gardenias are fragrant and lovely --- and easy to grow. These tips cover the basics of growing gardenias, both in flower pots and in the garden.
Hybrid tea roses come in all shapes and sizes so it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you. This quick guide lists a few of the most popular varieties to help you on your way.
The Cacao is a common name for a tree, the seed of that tree, and for certain other related trees in a family that also contains the kola.
Cocoa seed is an economic seed and is traded on the international market. This seed forms the major export for many countries especially in West Africa.
Palm oil is the product of processed Palm fruit from the Oil Palm tree, scientifically known as Elaeis guineensis . The red or somehow orange-yellowish liquid is produced from Palm fruits of the Oil Palm trees which is one of the major economy crops of the Coastal and forest belt area...
The mechanically produced Palm Kernel oil is universally used for the manufacture of soaps, vegetable oil etc, but little is known about the locally extracted Palm Kernel oil. This oil when extracted in the right way is medicinal.
We have foolishly allowed ivy to climb up our trees, they are now in danger of dying and we are having great difficulty removing the awful stuff.
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