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Like any sport, table tennis is all in the mind. Some tips...
Most schools in foreign countries have as much provision for sports and games as for studies. In India, our schools are still lacking in this respect. Our authorities are trying to provide necessary arrangements for sports and games.
Why Scuba Diving ? is to give an honest reason on why we chose to go below when there are lots of sports on ground that needs no apparatus just to breath air. It explains what diving has to offer and why it is a source of an astonishing and enjoyable experience...brace yourself for t...
All aspects of improving your table tennis performance.
Playing golf inthe rain presents its own unique challenges. By becoming aware of the difficulties associated with this extreme weather, you can play tot he best of your abilities.
A small Village Called "Sagroli" near Nanded of Maharastra in India, a voluntary organisations called"Samskruti Samvidhan mandal" with the help of a business man of Mumbai operated a project called "Sunshine Project"
Golf videos as sources of instructions can help you learn golf quickly, but are they good enough?
Actual golf games are still the best sources of golf tips. Can they be replaced by instructional materials?
Swinging can be as hard as mastering three-point shooting in basketball. How can swinging in golf differ every play?
Swinging is a key to winning a golf tournament. What exactly is golf swing?
Golf is not just a lucrative sports career. It is a fashionable one too. Here are the things to remember about golf wardrobe.
Where should you go after deciding to pursue golf? Here is a short account to guide you.
Although we watch Federer and Nadal hit the ball to perfection, tennis is an extremely social sport which can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone! This short guide will help you to improve areas in your game, impress your mates and get fit at the same time with some practice.
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