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Nylon salt is further processed to obtain a molten polymer which is forced through the spinneret into cool air.
Different quality of wool fibre is obtained from different parts of sheep.
Summer clothes should be good conductors of heat, so that these are comfortable to wear, e,g., as cotton clothes.
A craft which is easy and simple as well as therapeutic.So simple and creative to paint on fabrics anyone can do it.
This is a cute and easy dress that is made with two t-shirts. There is a small amount of sewing required that can be done by hand.
This unique, no-sew craft tote bag is easy to make and allows you to show off a photo of your dog everywhere you go.
Quilts have long been a tradition in America. Early settlers made the patchwork quilts from necessity - and some are truly beautiful - heirlooms to be cherished. This article shares some brief history on the American tradition - and some photos of quilts made by the author.
I love t-shirts! The material is the best to make recon projects out of. Old pieces work best for this project. This is a great way to recycle t-shirt that are too tight or old boxy concert t-shirts. I wear my dresses like this over a pair of leggings.
Learn how to make a t-shirt string to use in other reconstructed clothing projects.
Learn how to make one of the most comfortable skirts you will ever own. It’s also a great way to recycle and old t-shirt.
Learn how to make a cute and fun tank top out of an old t-shirt. VERY easy project with a fun twist.
Take a dive into the art of reconstructing clothing with this simple 80s inspired off the shoulder top.
Learn how to make a pair of wrist cuffs (also called arm or wrist warmers) of a piece of t-shirt material.
Tips and ideas on creating a pattern for a handbag. From selecting material to outlining the pattern.
On one hand you have a worn, torn pair of denims, and on the other, you’ve got worn, torn potholders. Put these two together with some ingenuity and you’ve got yourself spiffy new denim potholders. Most folks would just toss them both out saying they’re completely useless, but ...
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