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Biscuit with dates is very suitable for many's easy and quick to prepare.
Read about a medicinal and very nutritious soup delicacy amongst the peculiar riverine tribes in Ondo State, South-West Nigeria in West Africa. Every new mum enjoys this after labour.
Have you ever tasted chapati. Well, here is my recipe for chapatis. My family and i love chapatis so much that we eat them almost everyday. You should try to make some for yourself.
This articles give you tips on how to smoke fish. You will learn how to smoke fish for that tasty aroma.
Serve this dish on a bed of hot rice with a garnish of a sliced lemon.
Fat Cakes ( Magwinya) Fat Cakes, deep fried cakes( similar to yorkshire pudding). It is a classic Setswana bread, served savory or sweet. These Setswana cakes are perfect as a snack on a cold, winter day with a nice hot cup of tea.
Tripe ( Serobe ) A popular dish of Botswana. Thoroughly washed, then boiled mixture of tripe, intestines, lungs and some inside parts of a cow, goat or sheep are cooked until soft . If an animal is sheep or goat, the trotters are added. They organs are then cut into small pieces wi...
"Piri Piri" is the Portuguese name for the tiny red five-alarm chilies (also known as birds eye chilies) which grow wild throughout much of Africa. Throughout the continent, they are used to add serious punch to sauces.
Although she is an ardent business woman in her own right, her passion is baking and cooking.
Koeksisters are a South Afrcan sweet treat, they taste good and will make you want more.
This is a South African recipes, it is one of the oldest recipes and loved by all. Once a week I will post a new recipe.
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