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Do you think your dog or cat have cancer because they have a tumor? Here is the tumor guide.
Do you want a dog and think dogs are cheap to raise? Is it cheap or do you have to pay for other things than food and water?
Fleabites can be so annoying and some people not only itch but they become allergic to the bites as well. Learn the signs to look out for and the treatment to ease the itch and pain.
Do you have an anxiety disorder or just get anxious a lot? There is a way you can try to control that, and it is by getting a pet. It could be a dog, cat, hamster or fish. They will always show love and you know you are great in their eyes and that's all that counts.
Are you thinking about getting a pet cat for your family? How do you know which cat will be good with your children? How can you tell if a cat is going to be safe with kids? How do you pick the right cat for your family?
Having a problem with fleas on your pets and in your home but don't like the idea of all those chemicals? I did too when I was faced with that problem and came across an all natural solution.
It only makes sense that if second hand cigarette smoke is causing both heart disease and lung cancer deaths in thousands of humans annually that it is doing the same to our defenseless pets. We love them and we want the best for them but do we really realize what a hazard we are caus...
Years ago I was watching an animal rescue program that really disturbed me. This program prompted me to think about just what we are doing to our animals in the world today. This program discussed the possibility of the distinction of animals in the wild.
Cat and dog owners sometimes confuse their pets when they say the word "no". Pets do not have a clear understanding of the word "no" and most owners do not take the time to teach their pets what it means.
Christians like to believe that there is a rainbow bridge which we will once again be acquainted with our beloved animals who have passed over.
Everyday people can learn many things about life by watching their pets. How watching them can lead to learning about contentment.
It may be surprising to find the increasing popularity of pet care in the modern world. Modern man thinks that pets can be a great companion to relieve his depression and share his emotions! Dogs, cats, birds and several other living beings are becoming more popular today. WHY?
In Finland wild life lovers and herders in find new way to save their reindeers and other animals by spraying florescent dyes to their horns.
Do you have a pet? You may have a money earner you did not realise you had in the family. My cat, Freya, has been earning her keep just by being a cat and she has not left the house to do it. Let me tell you how. Make your pet famous and let it be a paying household member!
Most people who are loving their pets usually share a bed with their pets. But, there are things you need to consider if you like to share a bed with your pets.
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