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Imagine if the change in Climate was going in the other direction.
Due to repopulation and preservation efforts, various elk and bison habitats are established across the United States.
From the smallest to the biggest, there are species in the animal kingdom that can change their skin coloring not only for camouflage but for other important reasons. Here are 10 of them.
Are you concerned about the environment but it seems that your children aren't into going green with you If your children like reading the book series mentioned in this article will help them become interested? Plus, a couple tips to teach your child for going green
The case of the feet found in Vancouver washed up on shore is an intriguing mystery even today.
“Green” started as the stand against pollution. It means environmental freedom from damaging effects. To the “greens,” those effects seldom seem small enough, especially when caused by humans rather than by nature itself. We examine what it really means to be green.
Ecosystems is the complex of a community of organisms and its environment functioning as an ecological unit. --Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary. We really need to protect the world's natural ecosystems for various reasons.
It's universal knowledge that most if not all sources of medicine for man's afflictions come from plants and other living things, so let’s not abused their forest and sea habitats by wantonly destroying and polluting them, instead let’s protect and conserve them for us not to regr...
Forests need conservation, which is a large responsibility. Various Government agencies carry out this work. Here we see some of these institutions and learn more about the forests of India.
The ever increasing danger of the Australian coastline through pollution will destroy one of the most unique natural wonders of the world.
Pollution is a deviation from the normal state. Thus, contamination of groundwater is a state of the water has undergone a deviation from the normal state. Under normal circumstances the water depends on the determinants, which uses water itself and the source of water. Water pollutan...
Formerly indigenous to Scotland, the wolf and the European lynx long departed the Scottish Highlands. But at a symposium in Edinburgh last week, a leading writer and an acclaimed conservationist made a forceful case for their return.
Who would have thought that such an innocent seafood could cause such concern
Forest carries 90% of the earth's biodiversity which includes animals, insects and plants of different kinds. Forest is the place where living organisms interact with each other following these relationship rules: commensalism, parasitism, predation and mutualism. Since, forest equate...
Who are enjoying life to the fullest? High blood pressure, HIV-AIDS, cancer are diseases unheard of by mountain dwellers. They don't either experience air pollution, traffic congestion, sky-rocketing prices, graft and corruption, slums reeking of foul odor, traffic accidents and broad...
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