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Why to choose a cat for your house animal?! Some information about cats.
Some cats can be so finicky. My Junia did not want to go into the new litter box. We thought .she might mess on the floor but she eventually used the liter box.
I have written about Rugby before. He is my hoodlum cat. Rugby is the cat that was sick at Christmas with a urinary tract infection that was very hard to cure. It took three different antibiotics and close to 300 dollars later for him to get better.
A while back I had a bad flea infestation, I had trouble getting rid of the fleas but I finally did. I was lucky that I was able to get rid of the fleas on my own without having the bother of an exterminator.
In 2013 my cat Rugby got very sick. We thought he wasn't going to make it. It turns out he had a urinary tract infection and had to go on antibiotics.
What should you do if you find a cat that has been hit by a car? How to help an injured cat? What to do when you find a stray cat? Learn now in case one day you find an injured stray cat.
Montrealers are preparing for Halloween, which is just around the corner. Unfortunately, with it comes all kinds of freaky things. This article will focus on black cats and how they are sought out and killed by some strange people with strange superstitions.
Ramu was very excited. They spent an hour enjoying the feats of the Karate Cat.
The toilet trained cat is something that cat lovers have always dreamed about it and some owners say that have done it, but personally I don't know anyone who has been successful at toilet training a cat. If you are considering toilet training your cat here are some things you should ...
I was plagued with fleas for several years. Thank goodness I don't have the problem anymore.
Before you read this article, please note that was written in 2008 and I don't have a flea problem now. I don't even live in the same place.
My cat had a bad urinary tract infection. The vet prescribed Royal Canin cat food.
Do you love cats and are thinking about getting one? A lot of people have had cats their whole life and know how to deal with them. This article is for the novice who either recently got a cat or thinking of getting one.
I have always been a animal lover,. I started by having dogs and when the landlord refuses dogs, I began my love affair with cats.
all cats usually have a habit of starting from scratch or dig. because it is a characteristic of cats. of course it is very dangerous, especially items in your home. therefore it helps you be more creative in giving a toy or a cage for your cat.
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