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Rose plants need fertilizing. They need to be in the right depth of hole, but above anything else, the beautiful rose needs to be in the optimum place to get nourished and continue to flower.
The seeds of this plant were brought to India from Para (Brazil) by Sir Henry William in 1876. the first successful plantations were tried in 1895 in the high ranges of South Kerala.
A new trend in gardening is to do a raised bed garden. There are many who say to use wood as the sides but I worried about leeching chemicals from preserved wood and about the wood decaying so here's how I made one that will last a long time and is fairly inexpensive.
This post is all about the garden slabs and its benefits. And how it can improve your garden.
Having a kitchen garden is good for health and wealth. These are some tips which will be proved very helpful in maintaining garden.
Did you know that some cactus fruits can be eaten? Here are some of the most commonly consumed.
Do you want better soil for that vegetable garden you have been trying to grow for years? Maybe you never quite succeeded. If you don't have worms or enough buy some and put them in the dirt and have them make your superb soil.
Marigold flowers are a very popular garden flower, a beautiful yellow flower that add cheer and brightness to any garden and they are among some of the easiest flowers to grow..
when the rainy season is very abundant water often can not be accommodated so as to be in vain. therefore badly needed rain water tanks to collect rain water as daily needs such as bathing, washing, and others. because in the dry season when water is very scarce and very difficult. th...
This will give the home owner information on how to put up best gutters and to protect the home from the weather issues.
organic plant has many benefits ranging from health benefits to create a new atmosphere and healthy for your area. to develop organic plants there are some tips that you should know in order to grow successfully and can provide many benefits for you and your family.
Human beings are like plants that need proper nutrients to be healthy and productive. Vitamin and mineral deficiency maybe supported by fresh and commercialized medicine.
A short guide to rose varieties, planting and taking care of roses...
it is often a problem when we want to gardening, especially in urban areas that narrow space. now it is no longer a problem if you notice the following things that can help you who want to garden in a small space.
Fountains and ponds, rare plants, statues and hedges carved. But not only. Parks inspired by the laws of mathematics and paradises where nature is always to make a spectacle of himself.
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