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Turn your garden into a work of art that is useful at the same time ina few easy steps.
Gardening is a nice activity that can bring people closer, create a refreshing environment and help in sharing innovative thought in the process. A finely designed landscape or garden creates an amazing feel. However, there are certain basic rules to gardening. Not every garden looks ...
Growing cabbage in your backyard can be easier if you know everything from planting, maintenance, and disease protection to harvesting and storage.
Want to spruce up your home’s wayside charm without shelling out big bucks? Install a fence. It is perhaps the simplest and the most affordable way to beautify your home’s exterior. Let’s face it; an attractive fencing system can have a huge impact on the overall look of a home....
While you are able to control the environment inside of your home, this does not seem to be the case with the weather buffeting your home outside. That is why it is important to constantly inspect the exterior of your home and make any repairs if necessary. Here are 5 home exterior ma...
When a garden has been left for too long, it often becomes overgrown and in need of a clean-up. Garden clearances are a great way to get your garden back into shape by trimming the hedges, removing the weeds, mowing the lawn and throwing away the rubbish. This guide will help you lear...
The following article provides a brief overview of broadleaf trees. Broadleaf trees are known for their autumn colors, bare winter branches, and spring flowers, which develop intro fruits year round.
Here’s a fruit and two root vegetables with names that begin with the letter "Y." See how many have you tried.
This is just a little thing that I wrote about composting because I thought about getting into it and found some information that I would like to pass along, now I know I am going to go into composting. The best choice for me out of all of the methods is the worm method.
[i]The usage of dried flowers has grown drastically over the years.So use some awesome ideas to preserve those favorite flowers of yours that you would love to be the center of attraction in your house, office, etc.[/i]
The inspiration has hit me to jump into the vegetable garden and start planting my own fresh vegetables!
Rose plants need fertilizing. They need to be in the right depth of hole, but above anything else, the beautiful rose needs to be in the optimum place to get nourished and continue to flower.
The seeds of this plant were brought to India from Para (Brazil) by Sir Henry William in 1876. the first successful plantations were tried in 1895 in the high ranges of South Kerala.
A new trend in gardening is to do a raised bed garden. There are many who say to use wood as the sides but I worried about leeching chemicals from preserved wood and about the wood decaying so here's how I made one that will last a long time and is fairly inexpensive.
This post is all about the garden slabs and its benefits. And how it can improve your garden.
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