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People who try to discredit the theory of evolution, preferring instead to rely on the book of Genesis, will often say: “But it’s only a theory”. The implication is that it is unreliable and unproven and thus no more worthy of trust than the creationist view that they espouse.
The US researchers have shown that it is possible to silence a mutant gene without affecting expression of the normal gene
 Nanotechnology (Nanotechnology) may have known some unknown to others , others were afraid of them . And has appeared different concepts for the definition of nanotechnology ,
The animals containing a foreign gene sequence in its genetic makeup is termed as transgenic animals.
The competitive inventions in the field of genetic Engineering/ Biotechnology has no doubt created milestone achievement, today genetic engineering techniques manipulate the living cell to any extent and produce any cellular product.
DNA controversy derived from cost-effective process.
An overview of the mechanics of Mendelian inheritance, including the three basic types, Punnett squares, and exceptions.
As explained by Lamarck, the developed changes was pass from parents to offspring. If an organism eventually developed a new body structure such as wings, long limbs or long necks, these characteristics could be pass into the offspring, and this is what makes evolution.
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