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Any woman can find her situation, she worried about her safety. We feel that every woman has the right to her own sense of security in the environment. We offer these suggestions on how to stay safe, and how to survive if attacked.
A few guidelines to ensure the safety of families going to crowded places such as the movie theaters, malls and some public assembly areas.
To many, the arrival of 2014 signals a fresh beginning and a clean slate. Perhaps you aim to start a rigorous exercise regime and lose that ten extra pounds you’ve piled on over Christmas, or maybe you’re shunting alcohol to give your liver a break after the indulgent holiday seas...
Being from Idaho and Montana, I feel qualified to help you survive a cold weather blast. Being in the cold is like being in a natural disaster. You may have to make some quick and major changes to stay warm, but you will stay warm. Now, if the electricity goes out...
In any situation, remember, there is nothing to be but calm and business like as a pincer is, because the worst has already happened if it has happened and it must be dealt with without panic and dealt with right.
God is like a wind, god is like the water and the skies and god is like a fire. Like a father he allowed all our being wicked and disobedient for a time, but if we have gone too far, like a father he needs to discipline us and he need to show his anger too.
Accidents take us by surprise. Each of us has had a kitchen accident, bruised ourselves, or had a child scrape a knee. Some of us have been in serious car accidents. It’s comforting to know how to be prepared for these types of emergencies
Good morning everyone! Glad to have a warm Tuesday in this part of Southeast Asia. I could say this day is destined to be sunny since it will be the first time in last days to see the glorious sun risen up in the east.
A short term power outage can be a useful - if irritating - learning experience.
Being a prepper is really a matter of personal perspective.
How to shoot a fire scene. And how not to shoot a fire scene. Always remember that a fire has a direct influence on everything it comes into contact with, and that includes the surrounding environment for a pro-rata ratio of how big the fire is.
Travelling is educational, challenging, fun and healthful but unavoidable risks always go with it. With courage, presence of mind and the will to overcome obstacles, we may lessen to a great extent the degree of risks that may occur with us out on a journey. It's advisable to bring w...
Self-defense is an important survival mechanism. The ability to defend oneself and your love ones is essential. Men do have a clear advantage when it comes to physical force and strength. Because they have naturally bigger muscle mass; they are faster, stronger and more agile compared...
We need to guide about civil defence training of our child because today is not save. We must teach the some cases of the defence training. And create your goal.
Some tips to protect your house and interiors during the monsoon or rainy season...
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