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The old story goes that "the old devil named Fear" said that he would take 5,000 people for sure, but instead about 100,000 people died and fear said "I took 5,000 people for sure, but perception took the rest." In reality, fear is simply a perception, so is courage. In life we must s...
Best case scenario: prevent a fire from happening in the first place! But if a fire does break out, be prepared to take action, rather than sticking your head in the sand. Fires can break out for a number of reasons, we are surrounded by potential fire hazards such as electrical wiri...
Flooding in the U.S and indeed across the globe has become a major concern. All the 50 states have suffered floods in the last 5 years with this being classified as the number one natural disaster in the country.
This article is about what to do when your furnace and electricity goes out in winter.
Only when there is limited time before the Emergency Rescuers arrive, you must follow these guidelines to buy time for the victims to be saved. Because you can neither risk the victims' safety nor your own safety.
Fire brigades are essential in combating fire in the modern society , if fire is caught in the go downs of inflammable articles or in the multi storied building. It causes havoc panic to the lives of the building and the adjo...
Safety precautions in our building in case of fire, I feel need to be improved. I don't think the landlord has a solid plan.
While dealing with injuries will itself prove to be a painful experience for you. you need appropriate legal help and this is where a personal injury lawyer comes into the picture.
The discovery of a plane wing flotsam added insult to injury. Instead of helping solved the mysterious whereabouts of the missing Flight 370, it only injects chaos and confusion. Authorities and investigators handling the analysis of the debris were divided over its authenticity wheth...
A car accident can be an extremely frightening experience. Injuries aside, there’s the permanent damage to your car to worry about, as well as the financial costs. I've been in this situation before, and it can be frightening. It’s not something we ever want to think about, but w...
Question: Why should I pay for a Fire Safety Risk Assessment by a qualified Risk Assessor when I or one of my team can do it? Answer: Read the case study below and you may change your mind!!!!
A simple though admittedly expensive suggestion to reduce fire fatalities.
There are few things more disruptive and scary as being involved in a traffic accident. But there are things you need to do before it's too late to protect yourself, your well-being and your family. Keep a copy of this article in every vehicle and review it with your family and loved ...
What you thought were eye drops turned out to be a bottle of super glue. Don't panic. You will be okay. But read this article now if you think there's any chance at all that you might accidently do this one day. Then, take the tips about preventing such an awful occurrence.
The Bug Out Bag is a vital piece of equipment to a survivalist. But some survivalists fill their BOB with odd things.
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