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I created a tinfoil dog out of a chocolate wrapper to the delight of some children. This is an elegant and creative way to recycle as well a simple and fun art. Comments appreciated
Madurai is 2500 years old ancient city in Tamil Nadu, famous for its stunning Dravidian architecture and temple sculptures of the Meenakshi Temple which is dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi, the consort of Lord Shiva.
Tamil Nadu is a country of temples. It has bestowed with the oldest history and culture of strong kingdoms. The sculptures and the ancient temple architecture of Tamil land served as a living example of early arts of history.
Young Seo Young Deok are making intricate sculptures with bicycle chains, most of his work in on Asiatic Pose.
An Aged Andrey Martyniuk a woodcarver from Belarus is making intricate wooden clocks, by using 15 types of wood for his clocks
Nirit Levav is native Israel and she have studies Parsons school of design,New York. She is creating dog structures by using recycled bike chains and other spare parts.
Kinetic art that contains moving parts, there are several kinetic art sculptures at BMW museum.
54 year old Simon Beck a Britisher, beautiful impressions on the snow the marathon of snow shoeing sessions
For gourd fans and collage artists, gourds are a wonderful venue to explore as objects of art. In this article I will show some of my own gourd works, and explain my techniques for bringing a plain old gourd into a gallery-quality work of art.
I create stone carvings and “faux” arrowheads from local stones. It’s just another hobby that I enjoy
Have you done your part in solving the problem about our garbage disposal? How? Every citizen, young and old can help our government and Mother Nature in minimizing our garbage every day. What discarded materials in your stock room can be used as useful finished product? Here is a ver...
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