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The Vietnam based Diem Chau crafted different types of animals, human, money symbols of different countries on crayons, pencils.
The lions in Trafalgar Square, London, were created by the Victorian artist Sir Edwin Landseer. There is an interesting story behind how they came to look the way they do.
Five plaster busts of Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt are set on shelves. Each has been painted uniformly, from plain white at one end to plain black at the other, with shades of grey in between. An artwork based on an ancient image makes a dramatic contribution to the modern debate ...
Monuments just like in the movie Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, seems time frozen. They are like living things that waiting for animation and closely resemble historical figures and abstract ideas from famous sculptures. Monuments are either made of granite, concrete,...
Monuments aren’t just buildings. Like the Dilwara temples, each monument has a story to tell. They are a reflection of the country and its people. They must be respected and protected. They were built with care and love. We must take care of them and not spoil their beauty.
It was Sunday morning, on May 21, 1972, in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. As always, a group of worshippers and tourists gathered before the first chapel, looking admiringly at Michelangelo’s famous statue called Pieta. For nearly 500 years this marble statue of Mary the Madonna ho...
The ancient art of bronze casting presents society with options for gift plaques, awards and memorabilia. The necessary steps to follow and the process of the craft is the focus of this article. According to the history of bronze, it is an alloy metal used way back from centuries. Th...
With a knight on horseback out of Ferrero Rocher, i couldn't resist converting it into a far more dramatic scene
Having made a horse, I decide to convert it into an even more elaborate creation - a knight on horse back
I made a horse out of Ferrero Rocher tinfoil wrapping - recycled art
I enjoy sculpting in tinfoil. I even gave an art course once to children where I taught basic tinfoil sculpting techniques. Here are some thoughts on the subject
Another article describing a recent creation of mine, a green bicycle made out of a piece of discarded telephone wire. Recycling and color make this bike green in more sense than one.
I made another tinfoil creation. I am glad to share my creations with you. Perhaps I will try to write up a multistep guide in coming articles
My 8 year old daughter pops a sudden request. I take up the challenge and construct a basket that I am quite proud of and so I am sharing it with you.
Origami is a traditional Japanese art of creating artworks out of paper. The aesthetically pleasing creations follow strict forms of folding very impressive works can result. Origami has many applications.
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