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What to do when you see a dog that is being beaten by its owner. What to do when you see a dog left outside without shelter. How to get help for a cat that is being abused. Who should you call if you see pet abuse.
What should a person do if they have a pet they cannot keep? How to rehome an unwanted cat or dog. What to do if you cannot keep your cat or dog. What are some options for getting rid of a pet.
There are basically two kinds of animal shelter, one is a "no-kill" the other is termed "open-admission". There are many reasons why some shelters euthanize pets and why others can remain as no-kill.
Why do animal shelters euthanize so many unwanted pets? How many pets do animal shelters put to sleep? Why do animal shelters kill pets rather than trying to find them homes? Why are pets killed in an animal shelter?
A letter was sent to David Meeks, the executive director of the Hollywild Animal Park, from PETA following a horrible fire recently that took the lives of 27 animals at the Primate Barn at the Hollywild Animal Park in South Carolina.
Animal abuse is a hot topic discussed most frequently these days. Everywhere you turn you hear about it in the media, newspapers, and Google articles. Or, you may even know animal abusers yourself.
Disposing unwanted animals such as dogs and cats is a controversial matter. Some in government believe that it is okay to kill them by gas poisoning, but animal lovers object that the method is harsh and inhuman. What's your say?
Those who wish to own pets have this false belief that pedigree dogs are the ideal selection. How wrong they on
Families who want to adopt a dog should consider all of their options. Instead of going for a purebred because of a specific look or parentage, they should also considered a mixed breed understanding the benefits associated with adopting this type of dog.
Why you should adopt animals from shelters and the benefits of having an older pet
Six weeks ago we adopted 2 kittens, and we named them Max and Mia. As each day passes, not only are they growing bigger, also their characters are forming. Read on to find out more.
People weren't the only ones affected by the Flood of 2011. Pets had to find shelter, too. Two furry flood refugees stayed with us. This is the last in a series about the flood.
There ia kitten crisis at RSPCA Canterbury right now, so if you can offer a home to one, they would very much appreciate it. Read on to find out more about it.
May I introduce myself. My name is Larry, and I am a black kitten aged 8 weeks. I may be just about to turn my life around, so read on to find out more
Since 2010, selected inmates from Missouri's state prisons have been working to train homeless dogs from area shelters. The Puppies for Parole program benefits everyone, from dogs, to inmates to society in general.
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