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A carat (often abbreviated CT) is the standard measure used for weighing diamonds. Many people confuse the weight with a stone’s physical size. Perhaps you are one of them. However, you are not way off the mark since the weight differs depending on the type and shape of the gemstone...
There shoes that cross gender lines. Keds Champion and Reebok Princess shoes popular with guys.
While working in the risky work environment such as construction industry, you must wear proper safety gear as well as wear proper safety shoes for your feet. These shoes have a protective layer made of steel that can withstand heavy weight of hundreds of pounds.
Try these amazing tips to keep your shoes odor free
The biggest issue in men’s fashion today is marrying style with comfort in the throes of the business world. Most business professionals these days share their time between desks and traveling, and finding a pair of comfortable yet classy shoes can be a challenge.
It feels right to do something good sometimes. Buying a new pair of shoes and knowing it will help someone is a great feeling.
Our streets are full of ladies who don high heels. We all love high heels, little do we know of the dangers we expose ourselves to.Beautiful as those shoes maybe, they have more effects than good to us, find out how
Shoes are considered as one of the most important accessory that is required by the people after the dresses. Read more about how to get the best quality for low cost.
If you find yourself needing a new pair of boots, here's an overview on some of the few top brands you could rely on during the winter and keep your feet warm and dry, all under $150.
Want to know different options of UGG Boots? Here is the info.
How many pairs of shoes does a girl need? And when does a fondness for shoes spill over into an obsession?
A brief review of the worst shoe trends, the good, the bad and the ugly.
With spring break right around the corner, it might be a good idea to start thinking about what girls who just want to have fun will be wearing.
The Higher the heel the better the shoe for a night out right? Wrong. This page explains what you are doing to your feet and how it will affect you in later life.
Wearing the right shoe that fits well and make your feet good should be a must for everyone shoe wearer.
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