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If you're already skilled with the Wikinut editor you might be ready to try some of the advanced options - Lists, Fixed format blocks, and Embedded youtube videos.
Sections are a simple way to help you structure your writing, and also to add automatic tables of content to your pages. Read on to find out more.
We reckon that anybody can write a page on Wikinut regardless of their age, internet experience or ability. Here we walk you through your first page.
Tags sounds complex, but are actually very simple to understand and use. Here we show you how to add tags to your pages, and give examples of how to choose tags.
Links are what makes the web a web, so they're obviously pretty important. Read our guide to adding links into your articles - both to other Wikinut pages and to external sites.
The Wikinut editor gives you some easy control over the format of your text, the ability to add links to other pages, plus a preview option to see the results. Our quick guide shows you how.
Wikinut is driven by words, but any page looks twice as nice when it includes an image. Follow these steps to add some eye candy to your pages.
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