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This is a different sort of fashion article. This is an article about work ethic, life, living, and how to do it with persistence, perseverance and gusto. This is a unique article also, full of reality, integrated facts about life and rational understanding. Are you game? I am going t...
It's said that the 60's are the new 50's, but employers know well that they aren't on accounts of the number of women that have lost their job, but have been unable to find another.
Projecting a professional image involves not only the ideas or proposals you verbally present. You should also dress the part.
This very polished and professional outfit is for a take charge, assertive woman to wear. Wear this outfit when you have a very important meeting in front of the Board of Directors or are putting together a presentation to bring in new clients for your business.
As a corporate woman, here is a simple guide on creating a simple, elegant, yet powerful work wardrobe.
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