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We love to see our houses in different colour whether it be neon, gold, bright orange, elegant black and almost any shades we can imagine. We use paint to protect roofing from the harsh conditions of ever changing rain and sunny weather. And we also applied different shades to add art...
Tha baby girl who adorns my kitchen sliding window for the past 12 years.... She offers me a sweet cake and greets me whenever I enter gives me positive energy and inspiration.....
Need some help painting some rooms in your home? Why not throw a paint party and recruit your friends and neighbors to help?
In this article are some tips and guides on how to paint the outside of the house in the best way possible and stay safe.
This one is about painting the inside of the house and some of the problems that can be found while doing so and how to overcome them.
This is about how you can mix up bright colors in your house, and not go overboard. And still use muted or pastel colors.
How I managed to have a unique color for painting my house
Of all the things you wish you'd been doing all along or little by little when you decide to sell your house, painting may be one of the toughest.
The key to getting a professional-looking paint job is preparing walls properly, painting surfaces in the correct order, and using the right tools.
If you wish to DIY to save on house painting costs, here are the pointers you should be aware of.
Start a DIY home interior painting project with moss green and build your room color palette from nature.
Painting your living room can easily turn into a disaster if you don't do it in an intelligent manner. However, with a little preparation and planning you can have a lot of fun painting your living room. The first thing to consider is what effect that you want to achieve. Consider the...
House painting can be an enjoyable way to make a living. This is all the more so if you are able to start your own business. You can choose the jobs that you want. Every day is different. House painting can be meditative. To be a successful house painter requires good business sense a...
In addition to unpleasant odors that linger, smoke damage inside a house causes a number of problems such as grimy textures and discoloration problems on walls, ceilings, trim and woodwork. Repainting a smoke damaged room takes patience and time, an eye for detail, and the right tools...
The ceiling paint sold at paint stores is always white. However, ceilings can obviously be painted any color that you desire. Painting a ceiling darker than the adjoining walls is not commonly done, but there are two good reasons to do so. If a ceiling is too high, painting it darker ...
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