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Dreaming of snakes can mean something, but it still depends on how the dreamer experiences it.
Indians believe in horoscopes, palmists, astrogers and fortune tellers. There is several ways to know our past and future. A robot will tell the pre recorded fortune to the enthusiasts on the roads of several major cities.
Fortune telling can provide insight into things that might or might not happen.
Sound vibrates through the echoing vastness of space..She and myriads of Souls become as One..ultimates made divine
Its called cosmic ordering, I tried it out and it seems to be working for me. I asked for more money and in small amounts it does seem to be coming my way. read on and try it out. ASK FOR ANYTHING YOU WANT.
how i cleanse and program my crystals, using incence and intent.
I have been reading up on the law of attraction for a while and I find it hard to understand the scientific terms, so here is my view on it made simple.
Try this at home or out and about, you can practice this anywhere.
For those who are superstitious Friday 13th is the unluckiest of days. This year, 2012, Friday 13th January is upon us.
Crystal healing is effective and beneficial.Read on.
Are you a believer in card readings? I want to share with you my experiences in life and how I feel I help people get through blocks in their lives and how the cards help to guide them in the right direction, give them insight or validate the direction they are already going in is th...
This article looks at the Tarot, its beginnings, through the Middles Ages of European history, through to the present day. It also looks at the meanings behind the images of each card.
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