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After going through possible upgrades you can make for better sound quality, you may be wondering how much resources you need to invest. Your preference in sound quality will determine the type of upgrades needed. Some upgrades are easy to install while others may require technical su...
he safe and secure way to book your driving theory test in UK Simple booking form Same day confirmation Service available 24/7 Apply online test now.
This is an article about installed radar detectors with laser diffusers from my blog Specifically I explain the differences and benefits of the Escort 9500CI vs K40's RL series in an unbiased manner so that consumers can make an educated choice about what rada...
The following article will guide you on how to synchronize your XM Onyx with existing car FM stereo system.
You might have seen your factory-installed car radio saying “SAT READY” or “Sirius Ready” when you put it on the Satellite band or there’s a sticker on the equipment that says so. Yes it means it is capable of getting satellite radio service.
Have you ever experienced hearing an annoying whine, pesky hissing or buzzing when you plug your mp3 player, iPod, cellphone, SiriusXM satellite radio or any other multimedia player into the AUX input on your car stereo system? It could be caused by ground loop.
This article is about how to properly tune a car audio amplifier, specifically a subwoofer amp or mono amp.
This article discusses the difference between 2 ohms, 1 ohms, 4 ohms, series, parallel and bridging in relation to car audio wiring regarding subwoofers and amplifiers.
An explanation of distortion, what causes blown speakers and how to prevent them. Written by an industry professional with 10 years experience in the mobile electronics world.
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