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The use of wax finish on woods to coat their surfaces dated back to centuries. Wax can be bought in semi-solid, liquid and solid bar forms and you have the druthers to select from an array of multiple colors.
With the recent United States of America government shutdown, I just felt it was time to write this article: People build, invent and maintain, governments rule and destroy. The key to happiness ultimately is to be your own governing force in life and keep yourself sane, honest, reali...
In reality, there is not a middle ground when it comes to genuine attitudes about life, death and all of it. There is a top and there is a bottom. Everything is an energy, it is either the energy of a winner or the energy of a loser. For that, there is not any in-between or middle gro...
When you feel everything is "going damn well down the tubes", and when you feel "there is not any hope", I can only give you the advice Viktor Frankl gave everyone in his books, essentially for starters: We should not expect anything of life, but life does expect things out of us that...
We hear much about so-called rape myths nowadays, but most of them are not myths at all.
Prison is not working, so how about we try something radically different if ancient, flogging?
Are you wondering what else there could be to know about this book and author? Here is the third and final part of the series on this author and her book.
DO you know who started the environmental movement? Has this movement tasted? Have you ever thought about whether pesticides are healthy for us or not?
DO you desire to do something good for your environment? Do you think people have always been caring about the environment? Or have you heard about this book? What happened with this book? And did anybody read it?
Are you a giver? Do you want to know that the children who otherwise wouldn't get a Christmas present because they are in some unfortunate circumstances then you should give to children's charities at Christmas.
A side long glance at the kind of mentality of oppression that creates Mental Slavery
Are you a fan of the magnificent elephant? Do you know they are very close to becoming extinct? The poachers are out in force killing elephants and taking their ivory and making piles of money off them. Here is the story of how it can be stopped and why people hate it.
While the best things in life come and go, the worst agencies in government come but seldom go. Such is the IPCC, whose longevity has outlived its useful lifetime. It’s time for the IPCC to go. A rational guide for its going follows.
Global warming is threatening our lives in our water supply, our food supply, our health and even our ecosystems.
We have all heard of HUGO BOSS. Most of us probably can't afford it like me. But HUGO BOSS is being a leader and stop abusing animals.
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